Why Denmark

Denmark is the chosen homeland of this trust fund because of the economical stability for this country and for its record of true stability. Denmark is, as a part of the Scandinavian community, one of those countries where bribery of officials and everybody else is an unknown theme and Denmark is therefore of all countries probably the most reliable place to have this kind of a long time investment.

It is a fact though that Denmark also is one of the countries with the highest tax burdens and even though the Trustfund will do its utmost to secure a release of the full amount invested, then it must be anticipated some tax might reduce the final amount to the beneficiary. We do expect investors to be able to adjust their investments to accommodate such economical challenges and urge our clients to take this into consideration when planning their investments in the fond.

As the Danish tax-system works today there are legal ways to avoid being damaged by tax rates – for example by extracting money by creation of a company – but all this will be considered when release of funds are being prepared to a rightful recipient.