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  1. Well – actually we are pioneers in this field as we are treading along a new path.
    The only thing we can say is that we know that this is working “backwards” – which has been documented many times if you make a search for “past” and “life” and “regression” or “reincarnation” and “proof”.
    What we do is to use our present knowledge to send the ball forward instead of backwards in order to catch it again at a later stage.
    By using techniques that are well established combined with techniques that are here already yet still under development we can prepare a set of data about you that gives us the highest degree of certainty about you being the rightful receiver when you return to receive your own donations from the Trust Fond.-910-891

  2. I think that you have not fully understood our concept. Our goal is not to eradicate poverty as such but to help someone with a firm economic basis in this life to maintain some of his/hers economic stability in life to come. You can say that we are helping them to prevent a future life with poverty – or that we struggle to prepare their future lives to present an accepting level of economic comfort.
    Best regards-910-891

  3. Nice idea . But I was wondering how will one know about his past life. What if he never comes to claim his investment.-910-891

  4. There will be planned and executed an advertisement campaign in cooperation with the investor in order to attract attention in due time. There will also be registered a (long term) deadline and if the Investment is unclaimed at that time then the Money will be donated according to the investors choice.-910-891

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