Where will your investments be when you die?

A short explanation: You live well, you are economically at a safe level. You can either say permanently good bye to all your wealth when you leave this existence or you can prepare a better start for yourself when you return to this physical level next time - and this is exactly what we can do for you!

How can an economist save his or her money for later use?

We have developed a plan where you use your present economical strength to help you to receive a comfortable help in your next life on earth.

There are people - like You? - who are worried about what will happen with their money after they die. In the absence of heirs will all the money disappear in to a black hole in the governmental treasure chest?

We will not reveal all the details about their methods here, but we will be happy to tell you more if you contact us.

You can invest as much as you like - with due consideration to those challenges that we in the Fund might get - as mentioned under "Why Denmark" and your investment in the Fund will be safe there - until you return in a new body and in a new life - and are able to identify yourself as the rightful receiver of your Money. - This is our expertise!

TDFF has a meticulously  planned schedule to follow so that we can find and identify you when you return and are ready to receive your money. And we really look forward to get you started with a good solid economic basis in your new life and your new body