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This is the only method that gives you the opportunity to put some investments asside for your self in the far future:

  • Are you financially safe what your self is concerned, your family, your children and your grandchildren?
  • Or are you in a situation where you have earned what you will need for the rest of this life, while you at the same time do understand that your assets will be lost for you the very same day this life ends?
  • Began this life with a good solid start capital or can you imagine how much you could have done if you had had more to do it with at the start of your career?

If you believe that life on earth is completely finished when you die, then you have still a lot to learn and you can decide to start here or you can choose to look for other ways to attempt to maintain control of your assets after your death.

We know of no other way than what we offer by the help of The Danish Fiduciary Fund.